kata bags

kata bags - A DSLR bag with many unique and patented features, this Kata KT DR- 467 Digital Rucksack is far superior to any normal camera bags that you have known or seen.

kata bags - The Kata KT DR-467 ability to protect your DSLR equipments is superb because of the TST Rib and Rain cover. TST Rib is designed as a shock absorber to any accidental bumps or unwanted shocks that may incur while the Rain cover is like a barrier that will secure your equipments and bag from all weather hazards, dust and dirt.

When it comes to usability and functionality this DSLR bag have many trump cards. First is its carrying capacity, its so roomy the bag can hold a DSLR body with mounted lens, 3 up to 4 additional lenses, a laptop (size up to most 15.4) and other accessories plus gears like mp3 etc.

The compartments are customizable with the innovation they made and called the Modi-Vers Divider System. This allows you not only to perfectly arrange all your things at will and also it makes all your equipments very tightly fit and neat inside. The Modi-Vers divider is colored yellow for you to visibly see even your small and easy to lose accessories. The DSLR and laptop compartments are padded for extra protection to the tools inside. It also includes external side pocket for water bottles/tripod and front zippered pocket for quick access to your most need items.

For excellent carrying comfort they have installed chest belt and a balancing waist strap. You can also carry it using the Kata Insert Trolley.


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